Thursday, October 17, 2013

And They're Off!

It is spring racing season, but I'm not talking about the horses.

Yesterday I had my eyes tested, and I need some new lenses. As usual, the optometrist didn't have any frames I liked more than my current ones, so I'm getting the new lenses put in the old frames:
I've had these frames for a very long time. The optometrist always tries to persuade me that I should buy new frames, because "if they break when we are putting the new lenses in, there won't be any spare parts available". So just be careful with them, then!

So in 2 to 3 weeks, I will get my glasses back (if the optometrist doesn't break them) and be able to see again.

This morning (which was still yesterday in the US) I ordered these new specs from an online glasses supplier:
Although I think the lenses I ordered are a slightly different shape to these - I had a choice of 37 different shapes. They also quoted 2 to 3 weeks to get them to me.

Later today I had an email exchange with someone at the internet supplier, because I had entered the prescription incorrectly. So after I sent the a picture of the actual prescription, they fixed the order for me, and said, "your order will be immediately processed, and you should expect to receive it soon". 

So, the race is on. Two orders placed on 16th October. Which will arrive first?

Later: On Saturday 19th, at 2:39pm, I received an email that my internet order had "completed manufacturing and is on the way to our shipping location".
On Thursday 24th, at 2:28am, I received an email that my internet order had been shipped, which included a tracking number.


  1. Be interesting to see if you actually like the internet ones - once they are on your face! Look forward to hearing the results.

  2. Am looking forward to the comparison. I have just changed optometrists as the former has OTT proces for frames . The new ones look great. Frames become like 'friends though as you do so much with them!