Thursday, October 10, 2013

I Made a Hat!

My trusty Elna and I ventured down to Brunswick to GJ's Fabrics today for a hat-making workshop with Nicole Mallalieu. It was lovely to be inside sewing with a bunch of budding milliners while the rain came down outside.

Here's a shot from early on in the process:
In the background you can see lots of hats Nikki had brought along for us to try on for size, to illustrate different techniques, and to inspire us. Using Nikki's patterns, some of us made hats for kids, and others for ourselves. I made a wide-brimmed hat for myself:
Making it was much easier and less scary than I had thought it might be. Those dimply bits are because I was impatient and didn't press the finished hat before I photographed it.

I will enjoy wearing my new sunhat once the sun comes out again. And I can definitely see more hat-making in my future.