Monday, September 30, 2013

Strange Find

I often find bits of rubbish in my garden as I am weeding, but this was rather unusual:
It was under some thick plants right in the centre of a garden bed. It may have been there for weeks or since earlier today; no way of knowing. Most of the watch is wrapped in plastic. The band has never been unclasped by the look of the plastic seal over the buckle. A quick search on the internet found the company website, where this model is priced at $75.

So, it seems likely someone threw it into my garden, but you wouldn't do that if you had paid $75 for it and never worn it. So I'm assuming it was stolen, but then why throw it into a garden?


  1. It looks in very good condition, interesting find.

  2. Too hot to handle! Hope you have good use from it.