Sunday, September 15, 2013


I finished sewing down the facing yesterday, but couldn't get a good photo. This afternoon I attended a quilting group and two nice people held the quilt up for me to photograph.
Hooray! Started piecing in November 2009, but now it is complete and removed from my list of unfinished projects.

The quilt is 190cm long and 160cm wide. This is a sideways view, because I don't think either of my helpers would be tall enough to hold it vertically.

The pattern is "Leap Frog", downloadable from here. I did re-draft the blocks to measurements I wanted to work with.

Things I learnt making this quilt:

  • It's the first time I've used a facing instead of a binding. I will definitely do that again in future.
  • I should have trimmed off the "bunny ears" on the outermost pieced blocks at least. In a few places the dark seam allowances are visible through the white of the first border. This could have been avoided if I had cut them off at some stage before I basted the quilt.

Bring on the next unfinished object!


  1. Love your quilt, the colours are very happy. Well done, another UFO to cross off the list.

  2. It's great! yay you for getting it finished :)