Saturday, September 28, 2013

Scatterday - O

I don't know where Cinzia found that O; are those guys wearing prisoner-of-war uniforms? At least they look happy, whatever their situation.

Here are today's categories:

This one nearly got away from me, as I only remembered on Thursday that this was the Scatterday Saturday. Don't know where the last fortnight went!

I found this opal amongst some buttons someone discarded three years ago.  I did give it back to her!

Not my workplace, although it is quite close to somewhere I've been doing some casual work recently. The Melbourne Observatory was once a very important astronomical site. You can read about it on Wikipedia.

Is this art? Wall sculptures of owls made of old kitchen junk. $75 each if you want one. Spotted at Bulleen Art and Garden yesterday.

This fragment of hexagon patchwork included papers dated from 1793 to 1803. That sounds old to me! It is thought to have been made by Mary Ann Spring, (born 1799, London). On display at Quilts in the Barn yesterday.

There aren't a lot of us still able to continue with the game, but to see what the remaining few found for O, go to Cinzia's blog here.


  1. Interesting Os.....the obervatory is very interesting and modest. It is unusual to see one in such a flat, low lying space. Thanks for the close up of the hexies it explains why I like Jen's. I would leave the owls in the shop as they look like a tiresome silver cleaning experience!

  2. Oooh snap on the 'OLD' -
    Your quilt and my coin are from the same era!
    You never know my coin may have even bought fabric for your quilt!!!!

  3. Replies
    1. Well that explains that! They are concentration camp uniforms, and the people wearing them are happy because they have just been set free.

  4. I enjoyed your O's. Opal is my birthstone for October. The owls are fantastic.