Monday, September 16, 2013


On 16th of September last year, I planted some seeds.
This is one of the red valerian, or kiss-me-quick, (Centranthus ruber) plants that grew from those seeds. I planted three in my front garden, and all of them appear to be forming flower buds now. I'm looking forward to seeing what colour the flowers are, as I collected the seeds from plants with pink and with white flowers, and avoided those with red ones.


  1. I grow the white one and am on the lookout for the red one! They seem impossible to buy other than online for 100 seeds or so. Who on earth needs that many? I am looking at gardens I walk buy and am not too shy to knock on the door and ask for some...I just haven't found any yet. :o(

    1. I'll keep an eye out for you if you like. There are a few red ones near me, but they don't have any seeds yet this year.

  2. Vireya, you are so kind. I would appreciate it so much. If I find any in the meantime I will let you know so you don't waste time looking.
    I know what will happen when I do eventually find some, I will no doubt see it everywhere...Murphy's Law, Ha! ;o)