Saturday, September 14, 2013

Scatterday - J

It's that time again, and this time we have the letter:

Our categories are:

  • Holiday
  • Dancing
  • Toy
  • Japanese

I found these a bit tricky, and rather than take photos specially as I usually do, I've had to have a bit of a dig through my old photos.

View of the Jantar Mantar in Jaipur. It is a collection of huge astronomical instruments built in about 1730. You can read all about it on its World Heritage List page here. I was there in December 2006.

A performance by the Jhoom Bollywood Dance School in November 2006 during the filming of Chak De! India in Melbourne.

Knucklebones - Sheep
Jacks. Not my photo, this one comes from the Museum of Victoria. They have two sets of jacks in their collection, one from the 1880s, and these ones from the 1990s. The difference is that the older ones were probably actually played with, whereas these ones were deliberately collected for the Australian Children's Folklore Collection. I am old enough to have used real bone jacks when I was in early primary school. I don't think anyone at my first school had plastic ones. In searching for this photo I came across a site with the rules of the game, although they list far more complications than the version I knew.

(Added later: Actually the museum seems to have many sets of jacks. I also found these from 1955, and a comparison with the plastic ones here.)

I made this little Japanese purse a couple of years ago from a kit purchased from Mariko Japan at the AQC. Later that year I made a bunch of them as gifts for various friends. This week I've been using mine to hold the bits and pieces I'm using to finish the facing on a quilt; the thread, point-turner, clips, etc.

So that's J done! We still have C, F, G, K, O, P and Y to go.

As usual, you can visit the other Scatterday participants to see what they found for this challenge by following the links on Cinzia's blog. I'm looking forward to seeing what they found!


  1. Cute purse. Was attaching the closure insert difficult? Loved the Jaipur and Bollywood photos. The staircases are bizarre! Reminds me of an Escher situation. Wonder what it would look like if they were assembled together??
    ....and down memory lane with the jacks! Did you dye yours with different food colouring colours?

    1. The closure was very easy to insert. I didn't even know about dyed jacks until looking for pictures online. The ones the museum has from 1955 are dyed. Were yours dyed?

  2. Did you join in the dancing? I remember jacks, my grandmother used to give them to us after she cooked a Sunday roast, all thoroughly cleaned of course.

  3. Hey! I have some real Jacks in a box somewhere - never was 'cool enough' to have the plastic ones!

  4. You're right the jacks there are entirely different from what we used here in Canada! They look like teeth!!! Jantar Mantar looks fascinating. Thanks for these very interesting Js!