Sunday, February 17, 2013

What Did This?

Hole in my garden, about 2cm across, with a small pile of dirt that has been dug out. Probably not a coincidence that it is beside the weeping hose, as the soil here would be easier to dig. I've been using the weeping hose to water the garden once a week or so.

Insect? Arachnid? Crustacean? I don't know, but I wasn't going to stick my finger into the hole!

Added later:
Found the answer in March. See this post.


  1. Do the cats show any interest in the hole? That might be a clue . . .

  2. OH, sorry, I just mistook your blog for somebody else's--I obviously need another cup of coffee! Make that *dogs*.

  3. I have a similar one also and it is a very large wasp which catches large spiders and drags them down to it's lair. They are incredible to watch, dragging the spiders backwards for quite a distance and digging the hole like a dog, so the dirt comes out in clumps like that.