Saturday, February 2, 2013

Scatterday - Q

Cinzia has really challenged us this time!
with the categories:
# a plant
# night-time
# something healthy
# and for something quilty: something quick

A plant:
Quince flower (Cydonia oblonga) from last September. At the moment the fruits are growing, but it will be a while before they are ready to make marvellous quince jelly.


Queen Victoria Market after everyone has gone home. I took this photo in May 2010, I haven't been into the city at night recently. If you aren't familiar with the market, you can see a daytime shot I took here.

Something Healthy:
This one is a bit of a stretch. First of all you will have to imagine that this is not a gin bottle, but a gin and tonic. Then you will have to imagine the quinine in the tonic water. As this is an empty bottle (I keep it just because it is beautiful) there wasn't any point in buying the tonic water. Tonic water originally contained a lot of quinine to act as a malaria preventative (see, it was healthy!). The gin was added to make the bitter tonic water palatable.

Something Quick:

Fasturn set. I bought this a long time ago. It was very expensive at the time, but it makes turning tubes of fabric through so quick I've never regretted buying it. I turned that brown tube through in about 2 seconds (the tube became hanging tabs to finish the wallhanging I showed in our W scatterday post). I think when I bought this set, the couple selling them may have still been making them in their own garage or somthing. The instruction book looks as if it was duplicated with a Gestetner stencil machine after being written on a typewriter. Old technology!

I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else came up with for this challenging letter. There are links to the participating blogs at Cinzia's,


  1. excellent orignal choices. Well done. This is more difficult than I thought,

  2. Elegant resolutions, Vireya! You captured each one beautifully. I have never seen a Quince flower but love the fruit and jelly. I know Vic Market well but would never have thought it looked so lovely at night. Q was a great challenge but you handled it with insight.

  3. Vic Market, now there's a place a love to roam through, especially the food hall. Love your photos.

  4. Good photos! I learned something... about tonic water and quinine. As for those fastube turners, everyone says nothing but good things about them. It's the price that keeps me from them, and I've found that after 30-plus years of sewing - lots of girls clothes with spaghetti straps - I can manage pretty well with a large safety pin! Thanks for sharing your pics. Wish I could try quince jelly sometime, as many Aussies say how good it is.

  5. Lovely original ideas. Love the story of the gin and tonic. Very twisty. I think the quince has some of the most beautiful of spring blossoms.

  6. So is there still quinine in the tonic water. I hadn't realised that was where the tonic water recipe/ idea came from

  7. Very impressive, I am looking forward to visiting those markets when I come to Melbourne in two weeks. They look lovely at night

  8. Very good subjects for your Q. Love the story of the quinine and the photo of Queen Vic Market. When I lived and worked in the city I always shopped there. It is indeed an experience and a lovely one at that.

  9. Vireya - glad to see you have the same good taste in gin as I do (and yes, I keep all the bottles too, to fill with water and keep in the fridge - a trick I learned at a restaurant in South Australia a couple of years ago). Can't believe that it was only you and me who thought of quinine!!!

  10. Love the quince flower and the Vic Market at night. Dad's stand was 61D and we would leave Baxter at 3 am and would sleep in the cabin or I would help Dad throw down Cauliflowers, cabbages etc. Then a pie at 7.30 am. Loved it and still like to go in the busy daytime. May I copy that photo? It brings back such memories. Love the quin-ate did I forget that one. I take one of those tablets each night...also forgot my fasturn which I think I have somewhere.