Friday, February 22, 2013


In-progress shot of eleven more quilt-as-you-go blocks to send to Jan Mac:
This is part of a bid to tidy my sewing room up so I can move the furniture around. I keep finding bits and pieces. Half these have polyester wadding in them; I have never purchased polyester wadding so I have no idea where it came from. It must have been donated by someone the last time we made a bunch of these blocks, so I'm glad it is finally being used. I'm also still using strips from the magic basket. Admittedly it is not as full now as it was in that picture, but I'm amazed how long those strips have kept going. I've got more than 50 blocks assembled so far, without having to deliberately add to the basket. I do throw off-cuts into it when they are too small to put away, and I have occasionally been given fabric that I have added to the basket rather than adding it to my stash.

I'll finish these blocks tomorrow and then see what else I can find.


  1. My scraps' pile never seems to get any smaller, despite making things with it :-/ Jan will love those QAYG blocks that you've made!

  2. Hah ha, those magic baskets keep multiplying in the night while all are asleep, Jan Mac has a whole cupboard of fabric which we call her magic cupboard as it is bottomless. But keep going, i have to also as my magic basket has not gone down much either.