Friday, February 1, 2013

Lily Two

I think everyone who has made the Tessuti Lily dress has made it more than once, so now it's my turn. I actually bought this fabric to make the Lily first, but it wasn't wide enough, so I made the green version instead. For this one I am making a few alterations, including cutting it narrower so it will fit on the fabric.

Today I cut it out and got most of it assembled. I haven't done the pocket yet, as that is one of the things I'm altering and I haven't made the final decision on it yet. But here's an in-progress shot of the neckline.
Instead of using the tear-away Vilene stabiliser recommended in the pattern, I used Formband bias tape which was much easier. I had trouble tearing away the tear-away on my first Lily; some just had to stay in it for posterity. The Formband tape was Lara from Thornberry's idea. Looking at her post again, I can see that her fabric looks very similar to mine. But mine is a cotton/linen blend which came from a different retailer. I was looking for something like a cinnamon colour, but as I was buying it the assistant described it as terracotta. It is a bit more orange than I was aiming for, but I like the colour anyway.


  1. I googled the dress after I read your post...looks a lovely dress :-) I love the colour of your fabric.

  2. Oh I love that color! Kinda like spice, and the neckline looks good. Can't wait to see the finished photo's enjoy!


  3. Looks like this will be ideal for when we get the inevitable February heat wave. Hopefully you'll have it ready be then.