Friday, February 8, 2013

Dear Jane

The Australian Quilters Association are holding an exhibition in Box Hill this weekend, featuring about 60 Dear Jane quilts. It's at Box Hill Town Hall, open 10am to 4pm Saturday and Sunday. Entry $7, refreshments and stall-holders there as well as the quilts. If you go on Saturday, try and co-ordinate with the Chinese dragon who will be performing in the Box Hill shopping area to celebrate Chinese New Year. But you might not want to drive there as they are expecting huge crowds, and roads will be closed for the new year festivities.

All sorts of people were at the exhibition today, including these two young guys:
 It is fascinating to see many people's interpretation of the same design, although there wasn't as much variation as I've seen on the internet. None had dark backgrounds, for example. But there were lots of different techniques and variation in the layout and quilting. I'm not showing close-ups or full quilts because there were signs everywhere asking that photos not be published. Consider this a photo of the Town Hall disco ball!


  1. Lovely to know about it even if i can't go.

  2. I enjoyed it yesterday, sorry I missed out on Chinese NY and the dragon.

  3. That is a very nice photo of the Town Hall disco ball lol,

    I notice that more and more quilt shows are asking that photos not be published, it is a bit disappointing for all the people that can't get to the show as we will have to rely on the magazines to show us photos (usually only a few) and I'm noticing that the magazines photos are often not as good as bloggers photos.