Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Last Three

The remaining three species of Treeproject seeds have begun to emerge yesterday and today.

Not quite in focus, I'm sorry, this is the only one of the messmates (Eucalyptus obliqua) to appear so far:
Sown on 9th February.

Wirilda (Acacia provincialis retinoides) with rain drops:
Sown on 4th February.

And lastly, dogwood (Cassinia aculeata):
Sown on 3rd February.

 As soon as one plant comes up in a box, I relax a bit as I know more will follow. But until one does, I wonder if the seed was no good, or if I've done something wrong in planting or caring for them. So now I have examples of all seven different species, I'm happy. I have had to cover the boxes with bird-netting, though, as I have already lost some seedlings to bird attacks. I hope more will come up in the affected tubes.


  1. It must be exciting when a little leaf pops it's head out of the pebbles.

  2. You have such a knack for fine detail, we can relax and breathe again now. Those miserable birds, they'll dig in anything.