Tuesday, December 7, 2010

This Depresses Me

This is the backyard of property adjoining mine. It isn't spectacular, but it has a few fruit trees, and a patch of green grass. The front yard is much the same; a small patch of grass surrounded by shrubs. A couple of weeks ago the owners, who have lived here longer than me, moved out. I should have guessed I wouldn't like what happened next.

Today I received a letter from the local council, advising me of an application for a planning permit for "development" of the land for 4 double-storey dwellings. Four! On land that currently has a small house and a bit of a garden. They must be going to build right up to the boundary to fit that many homes on it. I really do not want a double-storey building right on my property line, looking into my yard. I have deciduous trees along that fence, so they won't block the view in winter. If they even survive having their root zone excavated for double-storey foundations!


  1. oh i feel your pain, we've just had one double storey building put up right alongside the fence line, we no longer have any privacy in the garden at all. You might need to think of moving, it will be hell for 12 months while they build (it was for us) then ongoing disturbance forever, and you can't stop them. They just go to the land and environment department to override you. so sorry k.

  2. Oh Vireya, how awful! The best fightback I know was my sister-in-laws sister and her husband. Andrew made and painted two large eyes which he put on poles facing the offending building. You can try VCat but the trouble is you don't have any right to a view. Can you try "heritage streetscape? I guess if you can offer some compromise. We went to VCat for our beach cottage when the neighbour wanted to build on the front of his block which partially spoilt our view. Andrew drew beautiful artist's impressions (he is an architect) showing how it would upset the existing streetscape and we won quite a good compromise. So Good Luck!

  3. Thanks for the sympathy, everyone!

    I'll go to the council tomorrow and see the plans, so I know exactly what I'm up against, and if there's any chance of an objection making a difference.

  4. Oh Vireya. Make sure you speak to all the neighbours in the street if you can and get them onside. It affects everyone, even if indirectly...they might be next. Unity can be a powerful thing. Good Luck! Please keep us informed.