Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Christmas!

Last night I made a couple of quiches to take to each of the family gatherings this weekend. This morning, as I was loading into the car a bag of goodies (pavlova with home-grown berries, a box of cherries, and a quiche) I managed to drop the quiche. The pyrex dish shattered, and the quiche was history. Lucky I had made two, I guess! But this one didn't go to waste:
The chooks had eaten the whole thing by the time we got home. Is it wrong to feed chickens their own eggs?

Also tonight I managed to catch a couple of daylily flowers open.  A few have opened over the last week, but they've closed before I got to them.
This is one that I bought at the Macedon Plant-Lovers Market in September. Unfortunately the labels have faded/washed off/been eaten, but I'm pretty sure this one is "Huckleberry Candy". Isn't it beautiful?

Hope your day has been happy and peaceful, with no worse disasters than my quiche!


  1. the chookies had a good chrissie, lucky for them. no, not wrong, a new form of concentrated recycling.
    beautiful day lily, very candy-like. are you on acreage? cheers, k.

  2. Happy Christmas, Vireya!
    I had the unhappy situation of having to get a man to deal with some bees which had taken up residence in a wall cavity... :( I enjoyed your bee story.

  3. Oh dear!! Sounds like the chooks didn't have any ethical considerations about their diet. Does that mean the pavlova survived the crash?

  4. No acreage here, Kaite, just suburban blocks. I agree that this was recycling - and eggs have all the ingredients chooks need to produce more eggs.

    Thanks, Anne. Bees in the wall does not sound like fun.

    TT - pav was fine - phew!