Sunday, December 12, 2010

End-of-Year Do Number Two

Another quilting group, another end-of-year get-together.
I was given these gifts by other members of the group. 

Maria made everyone a handy shopping tote which folds up into its own pocket.  I grabbed the one with the orange pocket.  Thanks, Maria!

Marie made personalised patchwork coasters for everyone, using fabrics which related to that person.  Mine has flowers and trees, a dog paw-print, and is in colours I love.  She obviously spent a lot of time choosing the fabrics for each of us, then piecing them.  She told me she made 17 of them for various groups she belongs to.  Wow!  Thanks, Marie!

Would you believe I have another quilting end-of-year do tomorrow?  Then a Hindi one on Tuesday.  Then maybe I can think about getting ready for Christmas.

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