Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ash Flowers? No!

Flowers on a tree in a neighbour's yard.

I thought it was an ash, possibly the narrow-leafed ash, Fraxinus angustifolia,  However I couldn't find any good pictures of the flowers on the internet to confirm that.  I wondered why people wouldn't photograph the flowers; they're lovely.  But it turns out I was looking for the wrong thing.

I asked, "If you know what this tree is, please tell me in the comments." and Dee did.  It's a Melia azedarach.  Thanks, Dee!


  1. Vireya, those flowers look a lot like those on Melia azedarach. Gorgeous photo!

  2. Thank you, Dee! That explains why the pictures I found of ash flowers didn't look like these.

    I'll edit this blog post with the correct information.