Friday, December 17, 2010

Don't Stand So Close ...

While waiting for a tram, I looked in the windows of the shops nearby (as you do), and then I noticed this sign.
And so I stood close to it to take a photograph as well.

Really?  It's a WARNING?   So I'm being advised what I can do to avoid some unpleasant outcome, and the unpleasant outcome presumably is that your motion-sensitive cameras fill up your hard disk with pictures of people waiting for trams.  And I need to be warned about that why?  How about titling your sign "A polite request"?


  1. I do agree Vireya. I'm wondering why it would even matter anyway? What is the nature of the business? You gave me a chuckle when you said "And so I stood close to it to take a photograph..." LOL

  2. It's a gift shop - the sort of place who you might think would want to encourage people to look in their window at this time of year...

  3. That's so funny! I thought at the least a pharmacy or bank where robberies are more likely.

  4. Oh, where is this? I need to go stand there as often as possible. Maybe even wave :-)


  5. I find it interesting how easily technology moves from being the servant to the master: the security camera is going to determine where you may stand, or not . . . on the other hand I too would be getting up close to read the sign . . . oh well.