Tuesday, December 14, 2010


A lovely night out with a great bunch of people, at a restaurant that let us down. So should I name and shame them in the tradition of the powerful Singaporean restaurant bloggers? 

No, I'll just show you this giant slug which was on the pathway when I got home.

Apparently these things aren't natives; they're from Europe. Limax maximus - great slug.


  1. Sorry about the restaurant.

    I hope you didn't kill the slug. I am surprised how many people don't know that this type (common name Leopard slug) are actually beneficial in the garden. I bet you knew that.

  2. I didn't kill the slug. I don't like killing anything, really. But I'm afraid I'm not aware of the benefits of the leopard slug! I do know they like to eat lettuce and strawberries.

  3. You may well be blaming the wrong little creature. They are not known for eating vegetation, they prefer dog food, dead animal tissue and even other slugs and snails and dog faeces! If you have seen them on your plants they could be after other slugs and snails.

  4. Thanks, Dee. I obviously need to watch them a little more carefully!