Thursday, January 27, 2022

Not Going Anywhere

Although we don't have an official lockdown, I have been acting as if we have. Other than visiting my mother in her nursing home, I've been staying home. There has been so much Omicron virus around, it has felt too risky to mix with other people. How could I forgive myself if I picked it up and passed it on to my mother?

This article from a week ago shows I'm not the only one staying home: There's no Victorian COVID-19 lockdown, but Melburnians are choosing to stay home anyway

On top of that it is march fly season, which has kept me inside to avoid those biting menaces. And every day for the last week has been hot. I was feeling a bit stir-crazy, so this morning after visiting Mum I went for a walk somewhere I could avoid people and flies, and where the heat would not be too intense. 

Somewhere I could see some baby swans! And lots of other water birds.

I didn't go for a paddle:

Or a swim:

But the breeze off the water of Lake Wendouree was refreshing, there were hardly any people, and there were no biting flies! It was lovely.

I have been slowly continuing to work on the mystery quilt, and now have the first three (diagonal) rows together:

The photo is probably a bit confusing - ignore the blocks at the bottom and right. I have them pinned up in a particular order for the next rows. The actual sewn-together blocks are inside the "V" of dark red squares. But even that is a bit strange as its corners are hanging down because the whole piece is wider than my available design wall. At least this gives a little bit of an idea of how the main part of the quilt will look when it is all together!


  1. The people where you live are smarter than people here. I see unmasked people in the grocery store every time I go. It's like they are trying to get Covid. They have no consideration for children too young for the vaccine, old people, or for those with other health concerns. Sorry about the rant. I just feel strongly that we should all protect each other.
    Your quilt is looking great. I like the sashing too.

  2. Watching water birds is a wonderful destresser. Good on you for thinking of others and making the sacrifice necessary to keep your mother virus free. Very impressive progress on your mystery quilt, a great distraction for you.

  3. Here the numbers are scary but they also did not decreted a lockdown, as the hospitals aren't full. I also try to stay at home as much as possible. As there is a lockdown.
    However tomorrow my son is getting married, and we will be with him. Praying everything goes well.
    How nice to be able to walk in a quiet place and be able to observe so many birds without biting flies
    Your quilt is looking beautiful.

  4. In our country, the number of infected people is still rising. Grandchildren are alternately quarantined at school. They are vaccinated, I hope it protects them. My husband and I already have 3 doses of Moderna, but we still try to be at home.
    The blanket designed by Bonnie looks interesting.


  5. It looks like a lovely walk. Your blocks are coming together so nicely.

  6. Better to be safe. I’m staying home except for work. Infection numbers are still rising here. I love seeing the birds, especially the baby swans. Your quilt looks great!