Thursday, May 27, 2021

Who Could Ask For More *

 It's that time of year again:

I had been planning to spend the day with quilting friends in Melbourne, but our new covid outbreak (after 3 months of no cases) put an end to that idea. Then came today's announcement of a 7-day lockdown starting at midnight tonight. Here we go again. At least this time, having had my first vaccination, I don't feel quite as worried about catching the virus. It would have been good to be fully vaccinated before winter, but I've still got 9 weeks until my 2nd dose. Hopefully the first one gives at least a bit of protection.

Other much more welcome gifts included a welded rusty metal creation :

A rosebush:

"Elizabeth of Glamis", named after the Queen Mother.

Some gifts arrived by post yesterday and I saved them to open this morning:

Thank you, friends! You made me feel very special.

After lunch I went to visit Mum, as I won't be able to do that for the next 7 days. Sadly, she wasn't too well today. My sister and a niece arrived while I was there, and I came home with a few more goodies:

The glasses case is from my sister, and the scarf that everything is sitting on is from my mother (courtesy of my sister buying and wrapping it for her). Thank you sister!

The book is another story; that was my present to myself. When I was recently asked if there was anything I wanted for my birthday, I nominated the companion BlockBase+ software that allows you to print out patterns for the blocks in the book.  And lookie, here it is!

Screen shot.

I have been spoilt today!

(* - line from a relevant Beatles song)


  1. Lots of birthday goodies - happy birthday & may you have lots more.

  2. You had a vary happy birthday despite not being able to celebrate with your friends. You deserve to be treated special.

  3. Happy Birthday Vireya! The rusted ant- ish creature looks very cool, as does the new Holland honeyeater! Enjoy your patchwork book & software, looks very interesting!

  4. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Vireya!!! Very special gifts for a special person. Love the rusted iron creature for your yard and the book is a treasure, isn't it?
    Sorry to know about the covid situation, hope the lockdown helps to control it again. Here the situation is any better...We only will be really secure when all the world is full vaccinated.
    Take care and happy week-end.

  5. Happy birthday to you! I love birthdays, even when they aren’t mine.

  6. Happy birthday fellow Taurean!! [Mine was on the 12th...]lovely gifts...')))

    Sorry to hear about the vaccine shortage and the new lockdown..very disappointing for sure... well you have some new goodies to keep you busy...enjoy
    hugs Julierose

  7. We can only take things as they come and you have had the best of days despite it all.
    Wishing you many happy days of quilt planning.

  8. Happy Birthday so glad you had a lovely day. My daughter in law asks my middleson for money, she then buys her own Birthday/Christmas preents and wraps them and wont open them until the special day. She is so happy opening the gifts she wants. Must add Middleson does take her out for the day on her Birthday. So glad you had a happy day. xxxx

  9. Wishing you a Happy Birthday and good to see you were spoilt with lots great gifts....

  10. Happy Birthday! Stay safe while you wait for your next vaccine.

  11. Happy birthday. Sorry about the new lockdown.

  12. Happy Birthday! Lovely and thoughtful gifts. That rusty welded thing looks interesting. Sorry to hear that you are back to a new lockdown. Is your vaccine delayed because of a shortage?

  13. Birthday Greetings! Albeit a little late.
    Some lovely and interesting gifts too!
    Cheers Wendy

  14. Well, well, well, I get to return the very happy birthday wishes, albeit very belatedly! You should have told me we shared a month and an astrology sign! So our connection extends beyond the letter "V", quilting and gardening. I can see you had a wonderful day and I wish you 364 more to continue the celebration! BTW. if you learn any special tricks from Blockbase, be sure to share!!