Sunday, September 27, 2020

Day Trip

Today we took a trip to the country to celebrate a family birthday. Meeting inside houses is still banned, so we had lunch outside. Fortunately it was a fine day, if cool (I was wearing a beanie, scarf and jacket), although I still managed to get sunburnt!

Before setting off to the lunch appointment, we made a quick trip to Lal Lal Falls to look for things we could add to the iNaturalist Southern Hemisphere BioBlitz. I think it is the first time I have visited the falls early enough in the day for the sun to be shining on them:

We found a few interesting things for our observations, including this kangaroo:


On our drive later we went past a lake with hundreds of swans:

Although that observation went into another group's tally, as we were beyond the boundaries of our group by then.

I hope by Christmas the people who live in Melbourne will be able to join us. This is the third time this family have been able to get together this year, but each time half of them have been unable to attend as they live in Melbourne. 


On the other hand, next weekend is my mother's birthday, and we aren't able to visit her at all. Her nursing home has started allowing visits again, but only one person can visit (not one at a time, just one person ever), and it can only be on a weekday. So my father is able to visit Mum a couple of times a week, but the best we will be able to do for her 92nd birthday is to telephone her from out in the street, and wave through the window.


  1. The kangaroo looks like it has added you two to its tally.

  2. Oh that is such a difficult situation with your Mom;000
    Safety is so important though; at least your Dad can visit once a week to cheer her up....but it is very hard on you...

    [now that our Leaders have actually gotten the virus perhaps they will adhere to mask wearing and social distancing and not make it a political issue!!].
    Hugs, Julierose

  3. I am glad your Dad can visit your Mum, but so difficult that nobody else can. COVID is making such an impact on our lives and for the elderly it seems like they are between a rock and a hard place. I am pleased you have been able to visit with other family members and seen some lovely parts of Victoria. I am very sick of being at home, but recently returned to work (Nhill) in the office and the drive while tiring gives me a chance to see some countryside and enjoy the changing environment as our seasons change.

  4. I hope your mother enjoys her birthday visit from a distance. The falls look lovely and the kangaroo seems very alert.

  5. They're certainly difficult times. It must be very difficult for the elderly who don't understand why no-one visits them. We have just had to postpone my granddaughter's birthday celebration for the second time because of new regulations announced this week, limiting guests at home to a maximum of two or three, depending on the size of the host family. Outside is not an option at our flat: too cold and windy. You were lucky you could get together.

  6. Great Photo of LaLal Falls. I have only been there once and of course little to no water flowing over at that time! Must visit again once lockdown is over but in the meantime will have to be content with the spillway at Coburg Lake!

  7. What a beautiful outing! As long as you wish your Mom a Happy Birthday (how ever you can do it), she will feel your love. Supporting your Dad is part of loving her too.

  8. The visiting policy must be so hard on your mom! Hoping for a vaccine soon.

  9. So hard to not be able to visit your grandma. Wish this covid stuff would go away!

  10. Love your nature shots. Hope you will be able to wish your Mom a virtual Happy Birthday.