Saturday, May 25, 2019

Temperature Quilt

On Monday it will be two years since I started my temperature quilt, and next Saturday it will be a year since I got to the end of it. So it is about time I made the finishing touches.

I started this earlier this week, and finished it today:

This is the block that explains how the days make up each weekly rosette. It makes sense to me but a few people have found my anticlockwise arrangement strange.

Here's the final block sewn into the quilt:
Next step is the "heading" border across the top.


  1. I use the counter-clockwise arrangement also. (Counter-clockwise is American English for anti-clockwise 🙂). Can't wait to see your heading border!

  2. So long as it is explained it doesn't matter which direction it goes. That's a good way to show what it's about.

  3. Very nice backstitching.Leaves no doubt as to what the hexes represent.

  4. Yey, it's looking good. Hope tto see the entire quilt son.