Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Not Happy, Garmin.

A couple of days ago there was a software update applied my Garmin Vivofit, and it seems to have changed the way time spent on different activities is calculated.

Take yesterday for example. I walked 13,220 steps, a distance of 9.9km. Here's how the steps are displayed:

So between 7am and 10am I was fairly sedentary, and then again between 4 and 5pm, but for the rest of the day I was moving around to some extent. Here's how that is shown in percentages:
63% sedentary! Only 7% active! Compare the breakdown with one I posted in June, where I walked less steps in the day, but it was calculated as 32% active:
With these new calculations there is almost no chance I will keep my Sedentary time below 50% (one of my original goals). It looks like I would have to spend three times as long walking, and cover a distance of 30km, to bring my Sedentary time back below 50%. And that is not going to happen every day, if it ever happens at all.

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