Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Buds and Birthdays

Pandan chiffon cake I found in Melbourne yesterday.

When it was my birthday (a couple of months ago) I was given a tree peony, and this morning I found it is starting to sprout:

Other plants around the garden are getting ready for spring. A vireya flower bud:
 Beginnings of blossom in the orchard:
 Another in the orchard:

To celebrate the birthday, we went out for lunch. Close to where we ate was an op-shop with some plants out the front, so I had to check it out. They weren't the normal collection of easily-struck op-shop plants like geraniums and salvias. They have a real gardener growing plants for them! Here's one that came home with me: 
A "Coral Charm" herbaceous peony.

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  1. So much energy emerging in the two types of peony.