Saturday, August 27, 2016

Lovely Day Out

Today I drove to Bendigo to attend the Strathdale Quilters Quilt-In. I met up with a friend there and we both enjoyed the hospitality of the local quilters. There was a talk by Strathdale member Sherrie Boston, a very talented and prolific quilter, illustrated with many of her beautiful quilts. Lots of door and raffle prizes were won by lucky attendees (including my friend), and the morning and afternoon teas were fantastic. And I took no photos at all! When the show-and-tell is added to the Strathdale blog, I'll put a link here to make up for my lack of photos.

In the course of the day I completed the binding on my twisted pinwheels quilt, and added a hanging sleeve to my feathered star. Here's the proof when I got home tonight:
Feathered star (June's UFO) on the wall, twisted pinwheels (August's UFO) protecting the table-top from the vase. Jack in the foreground.


  1. Both of them look lovely and tone in with the brick colours. The dog is cute too!!.

  2. Pinwheels fit the table perfectly!