Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Full Day

The brickies returned to bag the walls. First coat on one wall:
and the other:

Look at the mess they are working in:
Glad it's them and not me trying to work in that mud.

After they'd had their morning tea or lunch or whatever their morning meal is, the walls had dried enough to put on the second coat:
I forgot to take any pictures of the completed second coat. The brickies will be back in a week or so to finish off the walls (fill them with concrete, and smooth the tops and those edges where the gates will be).

Meanwhile, I attempted basting a quilt one quarter at a time on my cutting table:
That's just the batting, not the actual quilt top. Doing it this way worked for the most part, but when I had finished and looked at the back I found a couple of tucks which meant I had to re-pin some of it.

Later in the day, the chooks took a trip by tractor:
which they didn't seem to enjoy:
Although once they were in the orchard, and they were allowed out, they looked very happy. It's the biggest area they've had to explore since leaving the city. It didn't take them long to find the rhubarb:
They also enjoyed a dust bath. Now we will have to be very careful to lock their fox-proof pen every night!

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