Saturday, April 16, 2016

Tops Done

Here's the two tops I assembled for the guild's "Quilts of Love" program:
They were assembled as disappearing 9-patches, (as per these instructions) but although that method has some novelty value, I don't think I would do it again unless I could solve this issue:
Because of the way the blocks were made, pressed, and then cut apart, many seams had to be re-pressed to face the opposite way when I came to the final assembly. And a few just couldn't be. See the right-hand seam between the green and white? It was pressed to the green, and has been stitched over so can't be reversed. Unfortunately the seam below it, between the white and the dogs, has also been previously stitched over and can't be reversed. But it is pointing the same way.

All that double pressing, and the frustration of seams that just could not nest, was enough to negate any advantage for me of the initial 9-patch construction. I would rather have just stitched the whole thing one row at a time, pressing everything to the dark. That way nothing would have needed to be re-pressed, and it would have all nested beautifully. Next time!

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