Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Steam Clean

Spent the morning cleaning floors, walls, ceilings, tiles, mirrors, you name it in the upstairs of the unit. Then the carpet cleaner arrived:
He had a very shouty voice, and I think I know why. His machinery is very, very noisy, and he wore no hearing protection. I think he is a bit deaf!

The carpet looks better than ever, though:
I did take my shoes off and sneak upstairs for a look as well. It's all good! Apparently the way tenancy agreements work these days, you have to leave the carpet in the state it was in when you moved in. So getting it steam-cleaned now means that the tenants will have to get it steam-cleaned when they move out.

When peace was restored, I spent more time cleaning everything downstairs as well, and filling the car with the last items from the kitchen. My last act was to mop the floor on my way out.

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