Friday, April 15, 2016

AQC 2016

After a good sleep I was ready to tackle the trip into town and the crowds at the Australasian Quilt Convention. And it was very crowded. I enjoyed the quilt show, but spent nothing in the vendors area. I was a little tempted by a couple of books at the Quiltmania stand, but I resisted. Lisa Chandler's new range, Melba, had a stand all of its own. There was some rather lovely things, but I didn't take any photos. And she doesn't seem to have any good photos of it on her website. So here's someone else's blog post which shows some beautiful items made from the new range:
Falling in love with Melba.

I didn't take any general photos. I mainly concentrated on quilting that grabbed me. And because one is not meant to show photos of the work without asking the maker, I can't really put any of them here. However, I am going to make an exception: 
This piece by Victoria Findlay Wolfe, Luminous Views, is a great example of a trend I noted for breaking up background areas with quilting designs. (The quilting is by Lisa Sipes, I found on Victoria's website.) And the reason I don't feel guilty about putting it here with attribution, is that Victoria, in her blog post recapping QuiltCon last month, published a photo she could not have got permission for as she doesn't know who made it. See the blog post here:QuiltCon Recap, and scroll down to the last quilt.

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  1. The crowd on Thursday was so thick, I didn't get to see the quilts. Thought of going back Friday afternoon just for the quilts, but changed my mind. Amazing quilting.