Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Book Bargain

I found this book at an Australian seller with a free postage offer last week:

Their price was nearly $20 less than other Australian sellers. I wondered how they could sell it for so much less. Now that it has arrived, I wonder if this was a poor print run being sold off cheaply rather than being pulped.

The main problem with it is that the index is incorrect. However, it is consistently incorrect, in that every pattern is two pages later in the book than the index says it is. So things are findable. Then there are a couple of patterns that are illustrated incorrectly:

I don't know if 207 and 341 are the only ones with the incorrect pictures, but they are two I noticed immediately. I haven't had the chance yet to check if the accompanying CD is correct - ie if the patterns are on the disk in the location the book says they are.

There are lots of really nice designs in it. And the "1000 Blocks" book cost less than two of the "100 Blocks" magazines, so it was definitely good value. But I would be interested to hear if the issues my copy has are general, or was this being sold off cheaply because of the errors? Anyone else got a copy they could check for me?

Added later: Apparently every copy has these mistakes! And there is an "Errata" pdf that you can download, but it doesn't even include all the mistakes I've listed in this post.

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