Sunday, April 24, 2016

Pin Basted

A bit more progress on this month's unfinished quilt project:
Now it is basted:
I've used a cotton batting, which I haven't tried before. I purchased it on sale to use for something else earlier this year, but I wasn't impressed with having to wash it first. Fortunately it is a small piece. How do you wash and dry a queen or king size one without stretching or distorting it?


  1. Never heard of washing the wadding first. I wonder what the ACCC would make of instructions like you were given. Seems really suss to me. Was it of a suitable quality to be offered for sale in Australia?

    1. I can't find the wrapper now as I have moved house since I bought this piece. But the instructions strongly advised pre-washing, to remove any oil from the cotton seeds which could stain the quilt fabrics. It's an unbleached 100% cotton. The quality seems good, although as I said, I've never used cotton before, so I'm no expert.

  2. Oh that sounds like a real puzzler--I've never done it any rate--you've gotten the hard part done with the basting...hugs, Julierose

  3. I have read those instructions for pre-washing, but never did it. Will be interested to see how it goes. The border fabrics you used for the blocks really make that quilt top, love it.

  4. Cotton batting usually shrinks a bit with washing giving the quilt the vintage scrunched apparance. I have never seen a warning about oil from the seeds.

    The quilt is looking like a day at the zoo. Enjoy the quilting.

  5. I've used a needle punched cotton batting and washed after quilting to get the crinkly effect that happens when the batt shrinks. But I would never use it again for hand quilting, very hard on the fingers and so many broken needles.

  6. Hi there Vireya!
    My first ever batting purchase came with washing instructions - I was very sceptical about doing it as I was sure it would disintegrate in the wash... Odd thing is - I did wash it, never used it and for the life of me I can't find it anywhere which is a real b***er as it was expensive!!!! Oh well....