Sunday, March 15, 2015

One Thing

Leads to another.

This morning I went to get a needle that I had promised to give to a friend. In the same bag there were a couple of other items that needed to be unpacked and put away. Then the next thing I knew, I was assembling these:
Four "Wild and Goosey" blocks. The (already made) corner sections were in a bag I had taken to the last quilting group I attended, so instead of just putting them away, I sewed them together.


  1. They look awesome, I am making them too...they are such cute little blocks!

  2. Great fun blocks; such tiny geese! I must look for that pattern.

  3. YOur flock is expanding in a splash of color. I have the pdf but so far no geese. Happy stitching

  4. Oh, pretty. Love your colors! They do seem addicting. And your neutral adds a lot because its all the same depending on where the words end up.