Thursday, March 19, 2015

Dog Door

Still no earthworks guy...

So today's task was to find a dog door and install it, so that the dogs could move between their sleeping area in the garage, and the yard. Until now we've had to leave the side garage door open all night, and lock the dogs out of the garage if we had to go out somewhere.

I wanted to get the same sort of door they have used in Melbourne. My old dogs don't need anything else to confuse them! It needed to have a soft, flexible flap. Finding one took visits to the RSPCA store, and four large hardware stores. Masters hardware had a display door, but wouldn't sell it to me even though they had no other stock and have discontinued selling them. Everyone else only had doors with hard metal flaps, or ones with a hard plastic which we know from experience is not very durable as the hinge breaks. Finally I found what I wanted at the second Mitre 10 store. It was the last one they had, too!

Jack going in:
Jack coming out:
It looks like there is no flap at all there, because it was temporarily tucked up inside.

By the end of the day all three dogs were using their new door.

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