Monday, March 16, 2015

Before the Destruction

The earthworks and tree clearing are meant to start tomorrow. We wanted to make sure that the trees to keep were clearly marked. Originally we used two different plastic tapes to mark the trees to stay and those to go:
Orange ones to stay, pink must go. (Not that you can see either clearly in my photo.) But just in case that was too ambiguous (what if the bull-dozer driver is colour-blind?), we removed all the pink tape today.

It looks like some of the trees we marked as "keep" will be going after all. This one has ended up right where the waste treatment plant will go:

Last look at the block before all the destruction:
I'm still not happy about this part of the process, but there's nothing I can do about it. However, I was even less impressed to find that someone just a little further along the road has recently done a lot of clearing of their block without getting a permit, and therefore without having the environmental assessment done that we had to do, and without purchasing any environmental offsets as we have to. It is a little tempting to ring the council and let them know about it, as removing native vegetation without a permit is meant to be a big no-no.

Then it was back to Ballarat, where we will stay for the next week or so.  It is the first time the dogs have been here. Here's Merle and Scruff investigating the yard:
It is all a bit strange to these two old dogs (both are 16.5 years).

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  1. I would so ring the council on the other property owners. You all are very carefully clearing only what is necessary and nothing more. Merle & Scruff are looking good.