Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Clothesline Construction

The tree clearing and earthworks isn't happening today, after all, so it gave us a chance to get the bargain clothesline set up.

Here's Jack posing in front of the first stage:

And here are Jack's fore-paw prints preserved for posterity in the concrete:

After lunch, stage two:

Tomorrow it should be ready for some washing!

Jack seems to have settled in quite well, but Scruff and Merle are a bit confused. They have each fallen off the edge of the deck a couple of times (a drop of about 30cms), so I can't imagine what was going through Scruff's head when she climbed up onto the lower shelf of the kitchen island:


  1. A friend is renovating her kitchen, and before the cupboard doors went on, her westie decided the corner cupboard was the perfect place to hide from the fireworks!

    1. Perhaps she did see it as a sort of cave, which would be a safe place to hide.

  2. Oh poor wee ones! Jack looks he was great help on the clothesline project.