Monday, March 2, 2015

Making Eyes

The eyes are the fiddliest parts of the animals in the Quiet Play Zoo Animals blocks. This month's animal has two of them, as seen in this progress shot:
However, they are rather large eyes this time, so not too tricky. I got most of the block done today, but it is not quite finished. Maybe tomorrow.

I was a bit surprised to get an email this morning from someone I don't know, asking me to send them the pattern for January's flamingo block. That's a bit rude! Kristy (the designer) makes one pattern available free each month, and if you miss it you can buy the pattern from her online shop. They are only $3 each. So the requester did not get the pattern from me, just a link to the shop and a little piece of my mind to be going on with!

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  1. Cute bear. Well done for standing up for designer's rights!