Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Welcome Home

This huntsman spider was on the wall of what will be my new bedroom:
His legs look quite dusty there. He didn't look that hairy in real life - or perhaps I just didn't get close enough!

This spider was at Lal Lal later in the day:
Fortunately I noticed her before I walked into her web. Possibly an enamelled spider.

Several of these were growing beside the road:
Presumably some type of puffball fungus, but I found it interesting that it was only growing in the gravel at the side of the road, and nowhere else that I could see.

A quick stop-off at Lal Lal Falls, where we can see that nothing is falling at this time of year:

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  1. i do like spiders, but in my room, i would not be able to sleep for a few days,,,,,ekkkkkkkkkkkkkk,,,,,your trench looks like our creek that runs thru our property, i will share a pic when its not below 30 windchill, lol,,,,,,,,and iiiiii eat those puffballs when they are pure white,,,,,,,,,,,here they do grow up to twelve inches or more wide,,,and are delicous in soups or fried with egg and flour,,,,,one of the only things we eat fried,,,,,,,,,your gold/yellow is almost just like mine, great minds do think alike, lolol,,,,haappy day to u,,,,this weather has me busy letting dogs in and out the house, and making sure my chickens and ducks have thawed water, feeding my little birds,,,,,,,,