Monday, January 5, 2015

First Trees

On Wednesday last week I sowed the seven boxes of eucalyptus seeds in this year's TreeProject kit. Today I noticed that two species have started germinating. They are difficult to see yet; the leaves are smaller than the grains of sandy gravel mulch.

River Red Gum, Eucalyptus camaldulensis:

and Red Box, Eucalyptus polyanthemos subsp. vestita:

It is exciting to see them start popping up so quickly!


  1. How magical! Such a wonderful project that you are involved with :-)

  2. Such tiny little baby seedlings --are you planting them in seed/rocks? How interesting--are they indigenous to Victoria? I used to have a lovely herb garden in my former home, but am just beginning here. this spring I want to do some herb container gardening--my back doesn't like all the bending for ground planting very much anymore....sad but too true. I like to grow my own basil, parsley, and French Tarragon and home dry it and use it in my cooking. My good friend pickles a lot so I want to grow dill for her also. Love all your gardening exploits, Vireya...hugs, Julierose

  3. Love! Everyone should plant 1 tree every year..I mean everyone. We've planted an acre of native shrubs, trees, perennials on our property....we made a natural rock pile for sheltering the smaller animals like Chipmunks..several brush piles & lots of water sources...we are now a Certified Wildlife Habitat for Animals & Advanced certification for Birds.