Friday, January 30, 2015

Mystery Plant

Does anyone know the name of this plant? I've seen it in a couple of gardens this year, but my internet search skills haven't been up to identifying it.



It grows to about 40-50cms tall in the gardens where I've seen it. These flowers are past their best, but they were the only ones on the public side of the fence today as I walked past. When they finish, the "globe" part dries out, but stays on the plant for some time.

Please let me know in the comments if you can identify this plant for me!

Added later: Thanks once again to Dee, who has identified plants for me many times. It is a Silene vulgaris, or bladder campion. It is a weed in various parts of Australia, so while it probably would be OK to grow it in the city, it wouldn't be OK to grow in the new garden at Lal Lal!


  1. Silene vulgaris, Bladder Campion I think.

  2. What a shame it's a weed...the flowers are very pretty.