Thursday, January 15, 2015

Faulty Flamingo

Finished my flamingo block:
You can see other people's flamingos on Kristy's link-up here: Quiet Play BOM - Flamingo

I don't know if it will be obvious, but mine is probably slightly misproportioned, thanks to Windows 8. There is no "Print to scale" option on the printing dialog box, and I stupidly trusted that it must just do that without being told. Wrong! My flamingo is narrower than he should be, by about 2cm.

After a bit of internet searching, apparently the answer is to not use the PDF reader that comes with Windows 8, but to download a proper one. So I will be doing that now, but I will not be re-making the flamingo right now. I had to unpick and re-sew so many of his seams, that I can't face re-making him just yet.  Perhaps his incorrect proportions will be disguised by borders at the end...

Added later: Fixed by associating pdf files with Chrome, which was already installed. Its print dialog box has a "Fit to page" option which can be unticked to get a correct-sized printout.


  1. He will look unique Vireya!!!

  2. Just like people, flamingoes can't all be the same: yours is a fussy eater!

  3. Maybe he is a juvenile flamingo, not quite full grown!

  4. I did the same with the pattern .. but cannot bear to unpick .. so am going to do the others the same x .. love the pink fabic x

  5. I think your flamingo looks nice, perfectly sewn, and well proportioned! I clicked that box and mine still came out smaller but I corrected it by making the borders a little bigger.