Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Status Report

As the leaves fall from the plum and fig trees, the construction next door becomes more visible from my back yard:
Fortunately the tree dahlias are still blocking some of the view.

Meanwhile, someone asked me how Jack is going, as I haven't posted a picture of him for a while. So here he is tonight, fast asleep with Merle:
He is more of a little dog than a puppy now.


  1. The dogs are so sweet lying there together.
    That building over your fence is enormous. Anyone living there is going to have a bird's eye view of your garden, especially through the winter. Maybe you'll have moved before it's occupied. I hope so.

  2. The building looks huge, Vireya...after 12 months, the houses next door to us still aren't finished,so no new neighbours yet. The dogs looks so warm and contented :-)

  3. Thanks for the Jack update! He & Merle look so comfy cozy together.