Monday, May 12, 2014

Lovely Surprises

A small group of New Holland honeyeaters (Phylidonyris novaehollandiae) have started visiting the salvias in my garden. I haven't seen them here in previous years. Because I didn't want to frighten away the birds, I took this photo through the fly-screen door:
Not the clearest picture, but they move very quickly and I was lucky to catch even one of them drinking nectar from the bethel sage.

In another lovely surprise, this huge box of beautiful threads arrived today:
They were a gift from Judy of Punch With Judy,
which I won for a comment I left on her blog. Thank you Judy!


  1. What a great gift! Have fun with them.

  2. Wow great! Enjoy your guests and the box with beautiful threads. How lucky you are! Hugs

  3. Amazing birds. Do they sit on the plant to drink or hover like humming birds?
    Nice coloured threads. Have fun with them.

  4. Someone is going to have a blast with all that beautiful thread!