Friday, March 14, 2014

Trousers Take 2

Trying again with a pattern I sewed last September, but with a modification:
The front fitted well, but the back had issues. This alteration may fix the issues, or create more!


  1. Good luck with these. Why not make a pair of gardening trousers first (actually a toile) before cutting into good fabric? That curve looks a little unconventional.

    1. There was a toile (made from free fabric someone was throwing out), which I didn't finish the waistband of, so didn't see the problems with the back. It can be a bit hard to try things on yourself and twist around to see them in the mirror and get a clear view of the issues. I've been wearing the first pair (made from a piece of fabric which cost me $4), but this is an attempt to do better. This piece of fabric cost me $5. So it's not costing me much to try and perfect them.

  2. I so dislike sewing clothes for the simple reason patterns don't fit my body and altering them is a pain. However, I applaud your efforts and determination! Fingers crossed for the second go around.