Thursday, March 27, 2014

Not as Planned

The building site over my back fence has now had some concrete foundations poured:
But what they have done does not match up with the plans I saw three years ago. The plans showed four attached townhouses, with a driveway up the left-hand side of the block, and parking for four cars at the rear of the building. This looks like two separate buildings, with the second one much closer to my back fence than in the original plans. (Most of the trees you can see are in my back yard. My property ends half-way across the back of this one.) I can only assume that the original plans were rejected by the council, but I wasn't given any opportunity to view the revised plans.


  1. Better get down to the council and start making a fuss. If the developers have not followed the rules to this point then what does that tell you about the future??? This is your neighbourhood and it will impact upon your life and your home. Speak up. The worst that can happen is that someone will say something nasty. Since when would a woman be put off by that!!

  2. Definitely check this out with your council - especially if the new building is going to impact on your privacy (which a building closer to you, certainly would do)

  3. I agree: go to the council and ask to see the new plans. If they are as surprised as you are things will be getting interesting.