Sunday, March 30, 2014

My Zips

In the "Zips for Bags" workshop yesterday I made three of Nikki's six zip techniques. The idea was to take her standard "Large Tote and Satchel" pattern and customise it, but once you have learnt a technique you could use it in any project. Today I assembled the bag using the zipped sections I made in the workshop.

Here's a zipped gusset added to the top of the bag:

Inside there's an exposed zip on a pocket just the right size to hold a mobile phone securely:

And on the outside there's a "simple" exposed zip pocket across the full width of the bag:
I used polypropylene webbing for the strap, and attached it to the outside of the bag. This was inspired by one of Nikki's class samples. I was aiming for a "not girly" look for this bag. Did I succeed?


  1. I have walked the shops for a shopping bag and haven't found one. Do you make a shopping bag for sale? There is certainly a knack for putting in a zip, well done.

  2. Very good, Vireya. I gave up on replacing the zip in my favourite $2 bag and took it to my local repair shop. She did a good job but it was not free!

  3. Great to see it all finished!! Most importantly, did the 'not girly" person approve of it?

  4. Definitely not girly. Beautifully set-in zips. That's what puts me off making bags and pouches; I don't feel confident around zips in thick fabric.

  5. Wonderful, not girly, very functional bag.