Friday, March 28, 2014

MIFGS 2014

A few moments from the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show today:

Wackiest idea:
Now you can have a plastic hedge to go with your artificial turf.

Loved this very old machine which grades bulbs by size by shaking them down a perforated slope:

Pretty new release:
Lewisia cotyledon, being marketed as "Little Fairies". A small plant which allegedly flowers from Oct - May. It was attracting lots of bees, so might be worth trying in the garden.


  1. Thank you for showing us some of the highlights of the MIFGS. We decided at the last moment not to go, sorry now.

  2. Lovely flowers and vintage machinery is always interesting.

  3. Love the idea of artificial hedges. An event looks so much better with a lawn and plants, but sadly in this dry country of ours it is simply not always possible. Many concerts, weddings, balls, and conferences would appreciate this option.

    1. Must admit I hadn't thought of that! I just found the idea of a plastic hedge in a regular garden a bit wild. I wonder how the plastic stands up to UV, and how long it takes before the hedge looks terrible. But for temporary, "show" purposes, yes, I guess plastic is perfect.

    2. As long as they don't go the way of artificial Christmas trees - all colours!