Friday, March 7, 2014

Blob in a Gum Tree

Seen on the block at Lal Lal today. The first evidence:
An area of a couple of square metres covered in these droppings.

Second piece of evidence:
Something has been disturbing the bark on one trunk of this tree. Something with claws, climbing.

Look up. A long way up.
It's a blob in a gum tree!

It moved a little, but not enough to get a nice clear picture:
My very own koala! (If it is on my land, it must be mine, mustn't it?) I was very happy to (almost) see a live koala again.  The last time I saw one here a bit over two years ago, it was dead.

A kookaburra sat in another gum tree:
It caught a couple of things - probably skinks - as we wandered around spraying weeds.


  1. You own a Blob!! Absolutely - if it's on your land, it's yours. How cool is that! I went back to see what Lal Lal is exactly & I'm still not sure but it seems to be beautiful & peaceful there.

  2. How lovely. What a wonderful surprise for you.

  3. Nature is truly wonderful. I love kookaburras. Now that there is not all that heat, the animals are starting to come out into the open. Your very own nature reserve!!!

  4. A koala out the back . How wonderful.

  5. One day I'll come south again & visit you & your garden - looks really inviting. Hope the koala stays for a while.