Friday, February 14, 2014

Summer Read

The State Library have brought their "Summer Read" program outside this year:
Red beanbags and boxes of books to read are scattered around the lawn. Details on their website here.

The books in the boxes are all either set in Victoria, about Victorians or by Victorian authors. And I haven't actually read any of them!
The battle for Lone Pine: four days of hell at the heart of Gallipoli by David W. Cameron
A world of other people by Steven Carroll
Sisters of Spicefield by Fran Cusworth
Love with a chance of drowning:  a memoir by Torre DeRoche
The memory trap by Andrea Goldsmith
Blood witness by Alex Hammond
Night games: sex, power and sport by Anna Krien
Is it just me? Confessions of an over-sharer by Chrissie Swan
Father Bob: the larrikin priest by Sue Williams
The swan book by Alexis Wright
I wouldn't be surprised if one or more of them showed up in my book club this year. The club's books come from our local library, and they seem to specialise in books by local authors they can get to do readings in the library.


  1. I can not imagine a life so empty that I would go to a place and sit outside reading a book that was not mine. It will doubtless attract people to new books and to reading in general, but I find it a strange practice.

    1. Probably a lot of people sitting there were on their lunchbreak. Enjoying some sun and a read seems a nicer way to use your lunch time than mindlessly shopping.