Friday, February 28, 2014

End of Summer

The Edward Steichen & Art Deco Fashion exhibition at the NGV St Kilda Rd has been on since October. Yesterday I realised it closes on Sunday, so if I was going it had better be soon. Today was the day! I enjoyed the photographs and the fashions, and was glad I got there before it closed. No photos allowed, of course.

This is Rory Hyde's Bin Dome, a geodesic dome made of 1,000 Ikea waste-paper bins, and adorned with bromeliads and tilandsias to "return some of the quality of the outdoors that was central to Grounds’ original design for Federation Court, lost in the gallery’s renovation of 2002." (Quote from here.) I wonder what they will do with the plants once they are finished with them?

Back home, here is my Marie Antoinette dahlia enjoying the last touch of summer sunshine this evening.
Autumn will be here tomorrow.

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  1. Happy Almost Autumn! The dahlia is so bright & pretty - thanks for the picture.